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  • We all understand what the term “automatic” refers to: the capacity to work on its own. I can think of a sprinkler system or an automatic vehicle wash as examples. For more information about bee relocation, visit our website today.

    The term “pest control” refers to the process of eradicating pests. Pest control is typically a service offered by experts in pesticides who visit your house and spray poisons.

    So what might a system for automatic pest control be? That would be a method of pest management that operates autonomously. Huh? Exists something like that?

    Yes! There are actually a number of automatic pest control methods. Following is a timeline and some feedback on their effectiveness:

    The mosquito propane tanks that released carbon dioxide were the first automatic pest control devices. These devices were to be positioned on a piece of property far from where people were. The carbon dioxide was thought to entice mosquitoes away from people. However, because the bogus carbon dioxide didn’t provide a blood meal, mosquitoes would still discover the individuals and continue to bite.

    The automatic misting systems for mosquitoes are the next generation. These are put in and around properties to control mosquitoes and are made up of a number of tubes and tiny mister heads. The chemicals are kept in a big 55 gallon barrel. The chemical that is discharged into the air to kill mosquitoes is periodically pumped into the tubes. These techniques make use of artificial insecticides that are dangerous to bees (and small pets). The chemicals travel further in the environment when the wind blows or when the fragile mister heads are destroyed. The cost of covering an entire property is likewise prohibitive.

    There are numerous other pests besides mosquitoes, which is all we’ve discussed so far. Do ants count? Don’t you wish to control mosquitoes as well as roaches, termites, other turf pests?

    Now an adult, the automatic pest control system. We’re talking about a ground-breaking procedure that delivers food-grade, chemical-free cedar to control pests via an irrigation system. Cedar is similar to cedar chests and cedar closets, both of which are bug-free. That is because cedar keeps pests at bay.

    This technique specifically targets mosquitoes. But so are other pests like aphids, white flies, mole crickets, ants, roaches, ticks, and chiggers, in addition to many others. This automatic pest control system only needs to have the reservoir refilled around once every two months.

    controls countless other pests in addition to mosquitoes? An automatic pest control system, indeed! Want to know more about Lawn & Shrub Service? Visit our website for more information.